Hanz Chillblocker Waterproof Socks Small Sock Breathable Thermal Level H4

Hanz Chillblocker Waterproof Socks Small Sock Breathable Thermal Level H4

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Hanz Chillblocker Waterproof Socks 

Hanz unique Moisture Vapor Transpiration system is designed to keep your feet dry completely dry! The unique three-layer performance construction is completely seamless and engineered to help prevent blisters. Waterproof year-round comfort for active outdoorsmen! Hanz socks have a patented fabric structure of three highly engineered layers including a membrane capable of allowing perspiration to escape while not allowing water to penetrate. plus Hanz seamless design provides the ultimate action, performance and comfort.

The Chill Blocker Socks Mid-calf height 11-Inches, Polar Fleece-lined and waterproof for cold and wet conditions. This Mid-calf-high waterproof sock is insulated with a liner made of expedition-weight double velour Polartec® Power Stretch™ fleece (7.3 oz. Per square yard). The outside layer is knit of nylon/lycra® spandex offering a durable, flexible, stretch covering. In between the two fabric layers is our waterproof MVT membrane. These three layers are securely bonded together throughout. This combination of materials provides a very soft, comfy, warm, stretch-to-fit sock suitable for a whole host of cold, wet, nasty outdoor conditions. If you are outside in cold weather doing such activities as hunting, ice fishing, skiing, boating, and military service.  Thermal Protection Level: H4

Note: Hand-wash and drip-dry socks. Do not twist or wring socks, this will damage the waterproof, breathable membrane.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium or Large (this listing is for the small size - see our other listings for the other sizes)

Sizing: Small: 5-6 men's shoes/ 6-7 women's. Medium: 7-9 men's shoes/ 9-10 women's. Large: 10-11 men's shoes/ 11 & larger women's.

X-Large 12-13 Men's.


Weight: Light weight - approx. 6 oz per pair!

Tip: Depending on the thickness of the liner socks you plan to wear with your Hanz Waterproof socks, you may want to select a larger size than is shown on the size chart. 

Requirements: None.

You will receive: 1 pair Hanz Chillblocker Waterproof Socks.

Retail packaging, shipped in a poly envelope. Shipping weight 7 oz.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before or after the sale - we want you to be a happy customer!

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